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The Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace you've been looking for...

- Up to 2000°C
- IGBT medium frequency
- More stable
- Energy saving
- Custom design
- Factory direct
- Global delivery

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What are the details of our vacuum induction furnace?

- Max. temperature: 2000°C
- Capacity: 5-500kgs
- Max. vacuum: 7x10-3 Pa  (0.0000525 Torr)
- Melting crucible included
- Control: PLC auto & programmable
- Auto-feeding, auto-mixing
- Accuracy: ± 1C
- For: metal vacuum induction melting & casting
- Warrenty: One year

Why choose us?

- Manufacturer with 20 years' experience.
- Best service, fast response
- Free design for special furnace
- Free technical support for lifetime
- Free sample test before buying
- Satisfied customers from more than 30 countries offer proof of our excellent design, quality and cost efficiency.

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Brother Furnace