Alumina Tube

High Purity Alumina Tube, 99.6% Al2O3 Ceramic Tube

High purity alumina products can withstand very high temperatures under reducing, inert or high vacuum conditions. They remain good chemical resistance under high temperatures and have excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Alumina products can withstand up to 1800℃.


  • Alumina purity: 99.6%
  • Color: Ivory
  • Sintering temperature: 1810℃
  • Max. working temperature: 1800℃
  • Sag Temp. Unsupported Tube: 1600℃


Standard size

OD x ID x Length (mm)
28 x 22 x 200-1500mm30 x 24 x 200-1500mm
32 x 26 x 200-1500mm35 x 28 x 200-1500mm
40 x 30 x 200-1500mm50 x 40 x 200-1500mm
60 x 50 x 200-1500mm70 x 60 x 200-1500mm
80 x 70 x 200-1500mm90 x 80 x 200-1500mm
100 x 90 x 200-1500mm120 x 110 x 200-1500mm

*Other size can be produced according to customer’ s requirement.

Note: Alumina products are sensitive to thermal shock. Try to warm up the furnace chamber slowly. A heating rate between 150℃~300℃/hour is recommended for the first 1-1.5hours so that the alumina products can be evenly heated to reduce the impact of thermal shock.