SiC Heating Elements

High Temperature SiC Heating Elements, 1400°C Silicon Carbide Rod

Application: Widely used in various high-temperature 1400°C Max. electric furnaces and other electric heating devices, such as in the industries of magnet, ceramics, powder metallurgy, glass, metallurgy, and machinery, etc.

We have 6 different types of SiC heating rod, available in a wide variety of standard sizes and geometries. The rod can also be in customized designs to meet your specific heating needs of various processes and equipment.

SiC Heating Elements Features:

  • Selecting high purity green SiC powder, to ensure the best foundation for top quality.
  • SiC rod is extruded by 500T press machine, to ensure high-density uniform through the whole length.
  • Excellent resistance rate between heat zone and cold zone, to avoid over-temperature of cold zone to damage the furnace body.
  • Special technology to spread a protect film on the surface of the heating zone, which enhances the Antioxidant property evidently and lengthens the service life.


  • Normal straight rod (GD type)
  • Dumbbell (GC type)
  • U shape (U type)
  • W shape (W type)
  • Single spiral (SD type)
  • Double spiral (SG type)


Please confirm the following data before order:

1. Type
2. Diameter: OD
3. Heating zone length: HZ
4. Cooling zone length: CZ
5. Total length: OL
6. Resistance (if you have requirement)
7. Please confirm the central distance when you need U type and W type.



How to Extend Service Life of SiC Heating Elements


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