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high temperature vacuum furnace

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

High Temperature Lab Vacuum Furnace, 2200℃ Max. High Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace. This high temperature Vacuum Furnace is cost-effective. Max. vacuum 7x10-4Pa. Excellent uniformity, precise...
vacuum brazing furnace

Vacuum Brazing Furnace

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace,  Molybdenum Chamber up to 1350℃ Brother high-temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace can reach 1350℃, suitable for stainless steel, CBN tools, and...
vacuum gas quenching furnace

Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace

High-Temperature Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Brother vacuum gas quenching furnace is made up of furnace shell, graphite heating chamber, vacuum system, and cooling system. The...

Graphite Vacuum Furnace Vertical Type

Graphite Vacuum Furnace up to 2200℃ (Vertical Type) This Graphite Vacuum Furnace is periodic working, adopt graphite tube as heating elements. The furnace chamber is...

Graphite Vacuum Furnace Horizontal Type

Vacuum Graphite Furnace Horizontal Type up to 2200℃ The ultra-temperature vacuum graphite furnace is a performance intelligent heating furnace, adopt advanced temperature measurement, temperature control,...

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

High Temperature Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace, Medium Frequency up to 2000℃ This vacuum induction melting furnace adopts the theory of medium frequency induction heating and...

What's New

gas quenching furnace

Special Bogie Hearth Vacuum Furnace

Check out the special bogie hearth vacuum furnace up to 1700 degrees. Max. vacuum: 7x10-3 Pa Heating elements: quality Mosi2 heating elements If your project needs a...
gas quenching furnace

Brother Furnace Factory Tour (June 2022)

Let's check out what the Brother Furnace factory looks like in June 2022. So many furnaces!  The Furnaces in the video: Muffle Furnace Vacuum Furnace Dental...
Healthy Dragon Boat Festival

Healthy Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday, Its origins can be traced to southern China, and festivities include boat races and eating...
vacuum furnace for dpf gpd

Brother Furnace High Lights of May 2022

Let's recap the Brother Furnace high lights of May 2022. A new vacuum furnace in the testing before shipment.   The big one is almost done! Vacuum...
Dental zirconia furnace

Bulk order for dental zirconia furnace and bottom loading furnace is ready (April 2022)

In the first week of April 2022, the bulk order for the dental zirconia furnace and bottom loading furnace is ready. Dental zirconia sintering furnace Bottom...