CVD Furnace

CVD tube furnace

Brother’s High Temperature Vacuum Lab CVD Furnace, 1200℃ 1400℃ 1600℃ CVD Tube Furnace Testing Machine, working temperature from 300℃ to 1600℃. With a vacuum pump, gas mixing, our CVD tube furnace adopts an advanced temperature control system, high temperature accuracy, excellent gas flow accuracy, easy operation, excellent heat-insulation effect, symmetrical temperature uniformity. Mainly used for labs of the university, research center, and production enterprise, etc.

CVD tube furnace

Furnace Features:

  • Max temperature:
    1200℃ (HRE Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire)
    1400℃ (SiC Heater)
    1600℃ (MoSi2 Heater)
  • 50 segments programmable and auto control
  • Furnace structure: double layer steel dual cooling fan, the surface temperature below 50℃
  • 304 stainless steel sealing flange
  • Adjustable flange support structure at both ends to extend furnace tube life
  • Over-temperature protection function, automatic power-off when the temperature exceeds the allowable set value
  • Safety protection Automatically power off when the furnace body leaks
  • Heating rate ≦20℃/min
  • Temperature accuracy ±1 ℃
  • Max vacuum -0.1MPa
  • Configuration molecular pump, Vacuum 7×10^(-4)Pa

Multi-channel gas mixing tank & flowmeter

cvd furnace gas mixing

cvd furnace gas mixing tank

cvd furnace flowmeter

CVD Furnace Specification:

MAX TEMPERATURE:1200℃ / 1400℃ / 1600℃NORMAL VACUUM:-0.1MPa
MAX VACUUM:Configuration Molecular Pump, Vacuum 7×10-4 Pa (Optional)FLANGE:304 Stainless Steel Sealing Flange
OVER-TEMPERATURE PROTECTION:Automatic Power-off When The Temperature Exceeds The Allowable Set ValueSAFETY PROTECTION:Automatically Power Off When The Furnace Body Leaks
FURNACE STRUCTURE:Double Layer Steel Dual Cooling Fan, Surface Temperature Below 50℃MAX HEATING RATE:20°C /min
TEMPERATURE CONTROL:50 Segments Programmable And Auto ControlAPPLICATION:CVD Testing


Standard Spares:

  • Plugging tube 4 pcs
  • Furnace tube 1 pc
  • Vacuum pump 1 pc
  • Vacuum sealing flange 2 sets
  • Vacuum gauge 1 pc
  • Gas mixing tank
  • Flowmeter

Optional Spares:

  • High Vacuum system (Rotary vane vacuum pump, Diffusion pump, Molecular pump)
  • Quick release flange, Three-way flange
  • 7 inch HD touch screen

High Temperature Vacuum Lab CVD Tube Furnace Standard model:

Lab CVD Furnace up to 1200℃

ModelDia*Heating zonePowerMax working temperatureThermo
Furnace tube materialHeating elements
BR-12NT-40/30040x300mm3 KW1200℃K typeQuartz tubeFe-Cr-Al-Mo wire
BR-12NT-60/30060x300mm3 KW
BR-12NT-80/30080x300mm5 KW
BR-12NT-100/300100x300mm5 KW
BR-12NT-120/300120x300mm6 KW
BR-12NT-40/45040x450mm3 KW
BR-12NT-60/45060x450mm3 KW
BR-12NT-80/45080x450mm5 KW
BR-12NT-100/450100x450mm5 KW
BR-12NT-120/450120x450mm6 KW



Lab CVD Furnace up to 1400℃

ModelDia*Heating zonePowerMax working temperatureThermo
Furnace tube materialHeating elements
BR-14ST-40/30040x300mm4 KW1400℃S typeAlumina tubeSic Heater
BR-14ST-60/30060x300mm4 KW
BR-14ST-80/30080x300mm4 KW
BR-14ST-100/300100x300mm6 KW
BR-14ST-120/300120x300mm6 KW
BR-14ST-40/45040x450mm4 KW
BR-14ST-60/45060x450mm4 KW
BR-14ST-80/45080x450mm4 KW
BR-14ST-100/450100x450mm6 KW
BR-14ST-120/450120x450mm6 KW


Lab CVD Furnace up to 1600℃

ModelDia* Heating


PowerMax working temperatureThermo
Furnace tube materialHeating elements
BR-16MT-40/30040x300mm4 KW1600℃B typeAlumina tubeMoSi2 Heater
BR-16MT-60/30060x300mm4 KW
BR-16MT-80/30080x300mm4 KW
BR-16MT-100/300100x300mm6 KW
BR-16MT-120/300120x300mm6 KW
BR-16MT-40/45040x450mm5 KW
BR-16MT-60/45060x450mm5 KW
BR-16MT-80/45080x450mm5 KW
BR-16MT-100/450100x450mm7 KW
BR-16MT-120/450120x450mm7 KW


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