Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace

Top Loading 1200℃ Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace (Metal Melting), Industrial Top Loading Furnace

Brother’s Top Loading 1200℃ Aluminum / Metal Melting Furnace, Industrial Top Loading  Furnace is mainly used for melting and smelt of low melting point non-ferrous metals and alloy, such as Aluminum, Zinc, Tin, Copper, etc.

Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace Feature:

  • Max temperatue: 1200℃
  • Furnace chamber: Top Loading
  • Volume: as per your order
  • Heating elements: Nickel-chromium alloy heating tape
  • 50 segments programmable and PID auto control
  • With over temperature alarm function

Furnace structure:

Furnace body:

The outer shell is made from high quality carbon steel in cylinder shape, furnace chamber is built with over lightweight refractory brick in well type, the space between furnace shell and furnace chamber is filled with aluminosilicate refractory fibers.

Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace Heating element:

The heating element is Nickel-chromium alloy heating tape, Resting on the brick around the furnace, reinforced by Jack put brick, avoiding the heating element to fall out when Tilting, easier to change than heating resistance.

Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace Crucible:

The crucible made from graphite, put in the center of the furnace chamber, the melted material can keep warm in the crucible.

Tilting equipment (optional)

The tilting equipment is mechanical tilting, tilting the metallic solution automatically.

Let out hole:

There is a let out hole in the the lower part of the front, leting out the liquor, protecting the heating element and furnace chamber.


Standard Spares:

  • High temperature gloves
  • Crucible clip
  • Operation Manual

Optional Spares:

  • Software
  • Furnace furniture
  • Alumina crucible

alumina melting crucible furnace

Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace Specification:

VOLUME:As Per Your OrderHEATING ELEMENT:Nickel-chromium Alloy Heating Tape
FURNACE CHAMBER:Refractory BrickTEMPERATURE CONTROL:50 Segments Programmable And PID Auto Control
VOTAGE:AC 380V 50/60 HzMAX. HEATING RATE:20°C /min
APPLICATION:Alumina Melting / Metal Melting

Chamber size: as per your order


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