Silicon Nitride Powder Vacuum Synthesis Furnace


Industrial Silicon Nitride Powder Vacuum Synthesis Furnace

This electric vacuum furnace is a perfect furnace to produce silicon nitride powder. Low price, simple operation, excellent vacuum effect, good temperature field uniformity.



Silicon Nitride Powder Vacuum Synthesis Furnace Features

  • Vacuum up to 7* 10^(-3)pa (two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump+roots pump+diffusion pump unit)
  • The Max. temperature: 1700 ℃
  • Pneumatic vacuum valve, easy to operate.
  • Use alumina ceramic fiber furnace and resistance wire or silicon molybdenum rod heating. At the same time, the cost of the electric furnace is greatly reduced.
  • Cooling system to make sure furnace shell surface temperature 50 ℃ or less.
  • High strength carbon steel, external electrostatic spray, beautiful and generous.
  • 50 programmable temperature meter PID adjustment.
  • Upper limit alarm, deviation alarm, automatic stop at the end of the program operation, no man on duty.


Silicon Nitride Powder Production



Silicon Nitride Powder production

How to produce high-purity silicon nitride powder with this Silicon Nitride Powder Vacuum Synthesis Furnace?

The production process of high-purity silicon nitride powder:

A) Sieving the metal silicon powder, removing sundries and block, put silicon powder on stainless steel trays, placing it into an oven, set the oven temperature to 70-90 degrees, drying for 7-9 hours.

B) Loading the dried metal silicon powder into a box, make it uniform and flat, placing the box into a silicon nitride reaction furnace, closing the furnace door, vacuuming, reach the set vacuum, stopping the vacuum pump. Then start heating, the initial set temperature is 950-1050 degrees, and the heating time is set for 5-7 hours.

C) Carefully observe the change of the pressure gauge. If there is no change in the pressure gauge within 1 hour, raise the temperature by 10-50 degrees, and then observe the pressure gauge. If the pressure drops, indicates that the metal silicon powder and nitrogen in the reaction furnace start to react. In the first temperature range of 1000-1200 degrees, the reaction time is 22-26 hours.

D) After more than 20 hours, the pressure increased, indicating the end of the first stage of reaction, then continue to raise the temperature up 40-60 degrees, the following heating process is the same as the previous, and finally, the heating ends at 1360 degrees.

E) When the temperature is 1360 degrees and after 4-5 hours, the whole reaction process can be considered to be finished when nitrogen is no longer absorbed. In order to ensure that the product has low free silicon, heat preservation is needed for 9-11 hours.

F) After heat preservation, turn off the power of the furnace and let it cool down. when the furnace temperature drops to 200 degrees, open the furnace door, take out the products, take samples for inspection.

Silicon Nitride Powder Vacuum Synthesis Furnace Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Chamber size
200x200x200mm (Width * Height * Depth) (8 Liter) Can Be Customized
Max. temperature
1700 C (<2hour)
Working temperature
1600 C
Temperature controlling
● PID automatic control via SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power control with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor.
● 51 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate, and dwell time.
● Built-in PID Auto-Tune function with overheating & broken thermocouple broken protection.
● Over-temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without an attendant.
Temperature accuracy
Temperature Uniformity
±5C over 120mm @ 1600C
±3C over 80mm @ 1600C
Heating rate
0-20C /min
B type
Heating element
Quality Mosi2 Heating Elements
0.007 Pa  (Molecular pump)
Furnace Chamber
Two layers of ceramic fiber insulation materials
● First layer: 1800°C ceramic fiberboard.
● Second layer: 1650°C ceramic fiberboard.
Furnace structure
Double layer steel casing with dual cooling fan, surface temperature below 60C
Furnace door
● Front-side open
● Power cutting off when furnace door open
Working voltage
220V, 50HZ
Rated power
Stander chamber size (mm)

100x100x100      120x120x130      150x150x150      150x150x200

200x200x200      200x200x300     250x250x300      300x300x300
300x300x400      350x350x500     400x400x400      450x450x450
500x500x500      600x600x600     800x800x800      900x900x900

Note: Other Chamber sizes can be customized.


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