Ceramic Fiber Board

High Density Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic fiber Furnace Chamber

Brother ceramic fiberboard is made of high purity alumina fibrous and alumina powder, to be formed and fired in special equipment with the advanced patent process, can withstand temperature up to 1800 Celsius.


Max.temperature: 1800℃
Density: 320-600kg/m3
Color: white
Low thermal conductivity and less shrinkage
Excellent mechanism and structure strength

  • Smooth surface.
  • Average thickness and density.
  • Excellent mechanism and structural strength.
  • Low thermal conductivity and less shrinkage Super light weight.

Ceramic Fiber board

Ceramic Fiber board Kiln furniture

Ceramic Fiber Board Types:

Type BR-1000 BR-1260 BR-1400 BR-1600 BR-1700 BR-1800
Classification temperature 1000 1260 1400 1600 1700 1800
density (Kg/m3) 200-600 200-600 200-600 200-600 350-600 350-600
Line change(.CX24hS) 1.3
compressive strength 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.3


Ceramic Fiber Board Physical Character:

Density (Kg/m3) 400
Strength to resist bending (MPa,25.C) 0.72
Linear shrinkage rate % (1600 .Cx8hrs) 0.13(1.7)*
Expansion rate at % (600℃) 0.28
Average modulus of linear expansion (x10-6/K) 1.77
Thermal conductivity rate GHP[W/(mK)] 400.C 0.147
600.C 0.186
800.C 0.236
1000.C 0.296
Chemical composition AL2O3:87% SiO2:13%



Character Product applying
High-temperature steady Verity high-temperature industrial furnace
backing heat insulation
low heat conductivity Ceramics kiln, mechanic and metallurgy heating furnace, thermal treatment furnace and other industrial furnace and hot face internal lining
Low heating quantity High-temperature block-fire and flame-insulated
easy-mechanic processing Kiln door, kiln car, and dilatation joint, insulation material, etc.
Tidy surface Glass kiln insulation


Ceramic Fiber Board Standard Size

  • 25x600x900mm
  • 40x600x900mm
  • 30x600x900mm
  • 50x600x900mm
  • 100x600x900mm

* Other size can be customizable.


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