Debinding Pyrolysis Furnace

This new debinding pyrolysis furnace is composed of an air preheating system, debinding furnace, and pyrolysis furnace.

Debinding Pyrolysis Furnace Features

  • Intelligent Control
  • Uniform Temperature
  • Stable Operation
  • Durable & Reliable


Debinding Pyrolysis Furnace Details

1. Air Preheating Furnace

  • Chamebr size: Φ130 mmx600 mm
  • Equipped with Rotameter with flowrate of 15-150m/h.
  • The fan and heating device have a linkage to match the program and increase the heating lifetime.
  • The fan frequency, air flow, and temperature could be set by an HD touch screen with a button start.

2. Debinding Furnace

  • The chamber adopts 310S stainless steel material, the working size is 800x800x1000mm.
  • The furnace has an active preheating gas inlet and passive safety gas inlet system and also has a two-way gas outlet to increase the debinding efficient.
  • The furnace equip a high rotation speed spoiler fan, the debinding temperature uniformity is less than ±5℃ The heating mode is three sides: left, right, and bottom, the temperature control is separate, and synchronous interlock.

3. VOC Flue Gas Pyrolysis Furnace

  • The special gas circuit design is able to ensure the VOC flue gas stays enough time at high temperature zone and then completes pyrolysis.
  • The draught fan is variable frequency adjustable and the maximum volume is 2800m/h, so it effectively improves the debinding efficient upper limit.
  • There are two K type thermocouples to achieve real-time monitoring for the debinding temperature. When the flue gas (tar, paraffin, and resin, etc) quantity is large, please select the specified debinding tank to ensure the pyrolysis effect.


* If you need a special size or special design, feel free to contact us.


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