Debinding Furnace up to 1100℃

debinding furnace

High-Temperature Debinding Furnace, Debinding Oven up to 1100℃

This debinding furnace is mainly used in the process of tape casting, injection molding, 3D printing, dry pressing, advanced ceramics, metal, glass, plastic, and composite materials. It can also be used for magnetic materials, ceramic chips, ferrites. Debinding and pre-burning process of magnetic sheets and other electronic components. The unique thermal field control technology ensures the uniformity of the temperature field and required for the two process stages of debinding and sintering.


Debinding Furnace Features:

  • Quality heating wires, the maximum temperature is 1100℃.
  • To ensure the ideal temperature field uniformity, heating in 5 sides.
  • In order to speed up the discharge of exhaust gas and prevent the high concentration of hydrocarbons released from the rubber discharge with the danger of explosion. This electric furnace is designed with fresh air entering the system.
  • In order to prevent the unevenness of thermal field temperature fluctuation by fresh air, there is a design of the fresh air preheating system and the ceramic tube homogenization system, which can greatly improve the temperature uniformity.
  • The exhaust gas collected to collecting cover of the furnace top through the electric exhaust cover, and collect the cooled wax.

Debinding Furnace chamber

Standard Spares:

  • High-temperature gloves
  • Crucible clip
  • Operation Manual

Optional Spares:

  • Mullite multi-layer shelf.
  • Exhaust gas pyrolysis package to pyrolyze the irritating organic matter.


Debinding Furnace Technical Specifications

TEMPERATURE CONTROL:50 Segments Programmable And PID Auto ControlAIR SYSTEM:Air Entering System Included
PREHEATING:Air Preheating System IncludedHEATING SIDE:5 Sides Heating


Debinding Furnace Standard Models

ModelHeating zone (mm)Temp.PowerVotage

Other sizes can be customized.

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