Hydrogen Debinding-Sintering Furnace

Hydrogen Debinding-Sintering Furnace

This hydrogen debinding-sintering furnace is mainly applied to metallization processes, such as Cemented Carbide, Metal Ceramic, Thermal Barrier Coating Material, Aluminum Alloy Material, Tungsten Alloy Material, etc.

Hydrogen Debinding-Sintering Furnace Features

  • Intelligent Control
  • Uniform Temperature
  • Stable Operation
  • Safe & Durable & Reliable

Hydrogen Debinding-Sintering Furnace Specification

Rated Voltage220V 50HZ
Rated Voltage8KW
Rated TemperatureRT-1600°C
Heating ElementHigh purity molybdenum wire
Chamber MaterialHigh purity foamed ceramics
Chamber Size200x200x300mm(WxHxD)
Ultimate Vacuum-98Kpa
Working Pressure112Kpa-116Kpa
Rated LoadingDebinding 20kg/Sintering 80kg
Security DeviceHydrogen ignition system
H2 & O2 analyze
Debinding-collecting tan
Optional PartsWet hydrogen system (Wet H2 tank, dew point meter etc.)


* If you need a special size or special design, feel free to contact us.


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