Vacuum Hot Press Furnace up to 2000℃

Vacuum hot press furnace, vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace 2000℃ max.

This vacuum hot press furnace mainly used for the high temperature sintering and hot press treatment, such as inorganic material, hard alloy, function ceramic, metallurgy powder. The material density could be increased under vacuum conditions or a protective atmosphere.

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace Features:

  • The heating element could be selected according to the difference in hot press temperature and vacuum level.
  • 2 different type Vacuum Hot Press Furnace:
    – The resistance module is suitable below 1200℃
    – The graphite heater is suitable for over 1200℃. (2200℃ Max)
  • The press range is adjustable below 5 tons so that it is can be used for sample sintering and hot press testing to avoid resource waste.
  • Ranging by a grating ruler with high accuracy to 0.02mm.
  • All the actions of a vacuum hot press furnace could be controlled by a PLC system, including temperature control, press adjustment, and temperature auto-tracking. All the vacuum press furnace running monitoring and data could be displayed and recorded on the touch screen, such as temperature, vacuum level, and displacement. The data curve could check in real-time.
  • W-Re thermocouple at low temperature and infrared thermocouple at high temperature. The W-Re thermocouple will auto-quit at high temperatures.

vacuum hot press furnace

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace Technical Parameters

Chamber sizeφ160mmx 160mm (Diameter x Height)
vacuum hot press furnace
Temperature control zoneOne zone
Max. temperature2200 ℃
Working temperature2000 ℃
Pressure head of
vacuum press furnace
High purity carbon graphite dia80mm (Bearing pressure not more than 63MPa)
Max. travel distance100mm (Single-track pressing from the bottom)
Accuracy of traveling±0.05mm
Max. pressure0–50T (Adjustable pressure by the handle and automatic freely, and the fluctuation of pressure is less than 0.05MPa)
Ultimate vacuum6.67 x 10-3pa (cooling state)
Working vacuum6.67 x 10-2pa (heating state, less than 1200 oC)
Vacuum leakage rateLess than 0.67 Pa/h
Electric controlThe chain function of overheating, overpressure, low water pressure, and over-gas pressure can be achieved in all sorts of electric elements.
Temperature controlling50 steps Programmable auto-control.

Low-temperature thermocouple is a tungsten-rhenium thermocouple

High-temperature thermocouple is an Infrared temperature instrument.

PLC control for Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

The panel display and electric chainCurrent, voltage, temperature, vacuum, water pressure display, electric chain, and different circuit branches recycle cooling water and sound-light alarming.
Heating elementCarbon graphite
Insulation materialCarbon graphite hard felt + graphite soft felt
Filling gasThe experiment was protected by Argon, Nitrogen, and other inert gas.
Filling gas pressure≤0.05MPa
Furnace structureThe top open door, the inner body layer is SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer layer is carbon steel.
Water coolingRequire an extra water cooling machine. (buy additionally)
Rated power80kW
Rated voltage380V  3P
Power frequency50HZ




 Stander model:

ModelChamber size(mm)Max. temp(℃)Press(T)Displacement
Ultimate vacuum(Pa)
BR-RYL-10 Ф160×160 2200 20 100 25 6×10^(-3)
BR-RYL-20 Ф200×200 2200 20 150606×10^(-3)
BR-RYL-30 Ф300×300 2200 20 200 120 6×10^(-3)
BR-RYLA-10 Ф160×160 1200 20 100 8 6×10^(-3)
BR-RYLA-20 Ф200×200 1200 20 150 12 6×10^(-3)
BR-RYLA-30 Ф300×300 1200 20 200 20 6×10^(-3)


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