Applications of vacuum brazing

To understand the application of vacuum brazing, we must first know what vacuum brazing is:

Brazing: Using a metallic material with a lower melting point than the base material as the brazing material, the solder and brazing material are heated to a temperature higher than the melting point of the brazing material and lower than the melting point of the base material, and the liquid brazing material is used to wet the base material, fill the joint gap and realize the material connection by mutual diffusion with the base material.

Vacuum brazing: A solid bond is formed by filling the gap between two workpieces with a liquid brazing material with a lower melting point than the base metal by capillary suction of the tiny gap between the two workpieces under vacuum heating.

Advantages of vacuum brazing

  • Vacuum brazing is heated at a low temperature, so the physical and chemical properties of the base metal are not affected or are minimally affected.
  • Many welds of complex parts (such as radiators) can be welded at once.
  • The part deformation is small, and the dimensions of the assembled parts are easily guaranteed.
  • The high surface brightness of parts due to heating under vacuum to remove grease and oxide film on the surface of the workpiece.
  • The workpiece is clean.
  • Brazing and quenching can be carried out simultaneously.

Applications of vacuum brazing

1. Aero-engine

Aero-engine honeycomb sealing rings are made of ring parts and honeycomb cores by vacuum brazing. The engine fuel main pipe consists of the main pipe and several branch pipes and nozzles vacuum brazed. The stainless steel heat exchanger of the engine is composed of more than 300 stainless steel tubes, spacers, and shells by vacuum brazing.

2. Construction machinery

Small and medium brazing heads in vacuum brazing, small and medium brazing heads are widely used in metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, railroad, military and other construction businesses.

3. Vehicle and ship transportation

Plate fin type oil cooler used for vacuum brazing on board vehicles and ships. The plate-fin oil cooler has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and lightweight.

4. Air separation equipment

Vacuum brazed impeller greatly improves the manufacturing accuracy of the narrow-flow impeller, thus not only ensuring the design performance index, but also reducing the manufacturing cost, and at the same time shortening the production cycle.

5. Diamond tools, cemented carbide tools

PCD tools, PCBN tools, CVD tools, CBN tools, engraving tools, etc.

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