What is ceramic fiber and what are its features?

Ceramic fiber is widely used as the furnace lining material in high-temperature electric furnaces. So what is ceramic fiber and what are the features of the product? This article will give you the answer.

What is ceramic fiber?

Ordinary ceramic fiber, also known as alumina silicate fiber, is called ceramic fiber because one of its main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain. And the addition of zirconium oxide or chromium oxide can make the use temperature of ceramic fiber further increased.

Ceramic fiber is made by melting high-purity clay clinker, alumina powder, silica powder, chrome-ing sand, and other raw materials at high temperature in an industrial furnace to form a fluid. Then it is blown with compressed air or shaken into fiber by a shaking machine, and then it is collected by the cotton collector to form ceramic fiber cotton, and also can form ceramic fiber blocks.

What are the features of ceramic fiber products

Ceramic fiber products are industrial products made of ceramic fiber as raw material, which are lightweight, has high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small specific heat, and resistance to mechanical vibration, etc. They are specially used in various high-temperature, high-pressure, and easy-to-wear environments.

Ceramic fiber products are an excellent refractory material. It has the advantages of lightweight, having high-temperature resistance, small heat capacity, good thermal insulation performance, good high-temperature insulation performance, non-toxic, etc.

Brother Furnace selects high quality ceramic fiber as the furnace lining, which has the following advantages.

  • No binding agent, long-term use in neutral, oxidizing atmosphere.
  • Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, high refractoriness, and high thermal sensitivity.
  • Good thermal insulation properties and high-temperature uniformity.
  • Excellent wind corrosion resistance and mechanical impact resistance
  • Stable density and performance.

Ceramic fiberectric furnace recommended

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Tube Furnace, Atmosphere Furnace


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