Vacuum Gas/Oil Quenching Furnace

Vacuum gas quenching furnace

The vacuum gas quenching furnace is mainly used in vacuum bright quenching and sintering, brazing of tool steel, die steel, elastic alloy, stainless steel, 3D additional material, etc. The furnace is mainly composed by a pressure tank, heating room, vacuum system,electric control system, air inflation system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, and carrier cart, etc.

vacuum gas quenching furnace features

  • The heating chamber is composed of a graphite heater, graphite soft felt, and hard felt, the max operating temperature is 1300℃.
  • The multiserial graphite spray nozzle located inside the heating chamber along with the induction inwall. The gas uniform sprayed from the spray nozzle during gas quenching.
  • The material platform is composed of graphite support, hearth, and Al2O3 sticker. This structure will prevent the adhesion between the platform and hearth during high temperature.
  • Gas cooling system: which is composed of high press wheel blower, multistage high-efficient copper heat exchanger, and duct deflector. Filling high purity N2 or Ar during gas cooling, spray to the workpiece through duct deflector to achieve workpiece uniform cooling.
  • The gas cooling pressure is adjustable from 1-10bar.
    Max cooling rate: from 1150℃ to 250℃ less than 7min. (The cooling water temperature is lower than 35℃)

Vacuum gas quenching furnace -1

Vacuum oil quenching furnace

The vacuum oil quenching furnace is mainly used in bright quenching and annealing of alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, spring steel, stainless steel. Also used in vacuum sintering of ceramic and hard alloy, metal material brazing, etc. The furnace is mainly composed by graphite chamber, graphite felt induction, PLC control system.

Vacuum gas quenching furnace features

  • Adopt the graphite tube as the heating element, with long lifetime and easy maintenance.
  • The compound flash-board has excellent heat insulation and trapping effect.
  • The structure is a double room, the back room is for heating, and the front room is for oil and gas cooling. The upside is a gas quenching room and the downside is oil quenching room, including lifting device, charging device, oil mixing device and oil heating device.
  • Lifting device: The lifting skip car is driving by screw and nut, and driving by a three-speed gear motor. There are three speed on lifting skip car, low speed for sending material, low speed start, high speed oil quenching and low speed location.
  • Oil mixing system: The mixer is driving by the reducer, the deflector could promote the circular flowing of vacuum quenching and promote the oil cooling capacity. The mixer is a standard part with low noise and high efficiency.
  • The workpiece transfer is smooth and flexible, safe, and reliable.
  • The gas cooling cover adopt staggered teeth flange structure to ensure the sealing in positive and negative pressure.


Technical Specifications

Chamber size 300x300x450mm (Width * Height * Depth) The size can be customized
Max. temperature 1320℃ (<2hour)
Working temperature 1300 ℃
Temperature controlling ●  PLC or PID auto control
●  Over temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant.
Temperature accuracy ±1 ℃
Temperature Uniformity ±5℃
Heating rate 0-20℃ /min
Thermocouple S type
Heating element Graphite heater
Max vacuum 0.007 Pa
Furnace Chamber Graphite felt
Furnace structure Double layer steel casing with dual cooling fan (water cooling optional)
(surface temperature below 60℃)
Furnace door ●  Front open to aside, high sealing
●  Power cutting off when furnace door open
Working voltage 110V or 220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 1 phases (As per your order)
Rated power 50 KW
Capacity 100 kgs
Warranty ●  One year limited warranty with lifetime support. (Consumable parts such as heating elements and crucibles are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products)
●  ATTENTION: Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases are not under the coverage of One Year Limited Warranty.
Certifications CE


Vacuum gas quenching furnace standard model:

Model Chamber size(mm) Max.Temp
Temperature uniformity(℃) Power
Ultimate vacuum
BR-QCL-334 300*300*450 1320 100 ±5 50 6×10^(-3)
BR-QCL-446 400*400*600 1320 200 ±5 80 6×10^(-3)
BR-QCL-557 500*500*700 1320 300 ±5 120 6×10^(-3)
BR-QCL-669 600*600*900 1320 500 ±5 150 6×10^(-3)


Vacuum oil quenching furnace standard model:

Model Chamber size(mm) Max.Temp
Temperature uniformity(℃) Power
Ultimate vacuum
BR-YCL-334 300*300*450 1320 100 ±5 50 6×10^(-3)
BR-YCL-446 400*400*600 1320 200 ±5 80 6×10^(-3)
BR-YCL-557 500*500*700 1320 300 ±5 120 6×10^(-3)
BR-YCL-669 600*600*900 1320 500 ±5 150 6×10^(-3)


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