Vacuum furnace vacuum pump operation guide

vacuum furnace in testing

Many customers who use vacuum furnace for the first time often ask how to operate the vacuum pump, today we give you a simple tutorial:

High-temperature vacuum furnace vacuum pump operation guide

A: Open the vacuum pump:

  1. Power on
  2. Open the pre-stage pump (mechanical pump)
  3. Open the pre-pumping valve
  4. Open the sub-valve and diffusion pump to start preheating.
  5. Pre-stage pump pumping vacuum below 20Pa, close the pre-pumping valve.
  6. Open the main valve, the diffusion pump starts to pump the gas into the furnace, the mechanical pump pumps the gas into the diffusion pump.
  7. Reach the set vacuum level, sintering is completed.

B. Close the vacuum pump:

  1. Close the main valve
  2. Close the diffusion pump (the pre-stage pump keeps working to heat the diffusion pump, the time is about 1 hour)
  3. Close the sub-valve
  4. Close the pre-stage pump (mechanical pump)

The whole vacuum furnace vacuum pump operation is completed.

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