How much does a vacuum furnace cost in 2024?

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When you need a new vacuum furnace to start your new project or new production, the first question may be how much does a vacuum furnace cost? As a professional vacuum furnace manufacturer, we will give you a general idea.

How much does a vacuum furnace cost?

A vacuum furnace is a type of furnace in which the product in the furnace is surrounded by a vacuum during processing. The absence of air or other gases prevents oxidation, and heat loss from the product through convection, and removes a source of contamination. The price of the vacuum furnace depends on the accessory.

A vacuum furnace consists of a furnace chamber, heating elements, temperature control system, vacuum system, water cooling system, sealed furnace shell, etc. The price of the vacuum furnace is determined by the goodness of each part of the accessories, and also the quality of the vacuum furnace.

vacuum furnace for dpf gpf

Furnace chamber

The vacuum furnace chamber is mainly divided into:

  • stainless steel chamber
  • ceramic fiber chamber
  • molybdenum foil chamber
  • graphite chamber

The maximum temperature ranges from 750°C to 2200°C. With different chamber materials, the price of a vacuum furnace will be different.

Heating elements

Vacuum furnace heating elements are mainly divided into:

  • resistance wire
  • sic heating elements
  • molybdenum
  • mosi2 heating elements
  • graphite
  • induction coil

For different heating elements, the price is different.

Vacuum system

The vacuum system consists of a vacuum valve, mechanical pump, diffusion pump, and roots pump according to the required vacuum level. The higher the vacuum degree, the more expensive it is.

Temperature control

The temperature control system of a vacuum furnace is mainly composed of a thermocouple (temperature measurement) and temperature controller (temperature control). Mainly divided into PID programmable control, touch screen control, and PLC fully automatic control. Different thermocouple, different price, and PLC automatic control price is higher than the PID.

For a water cooling system, the higher the power, the higher the price.


In general, how much does a vacuum furnace cost is based on your specific technical requirements. There are many aspects to consider, such as furnace chamber size, working temperature, maximum vacuum, vacuum pump, water cooler, and other related accessories selection.

We can give you a rough price here, our cheapest price for a vacuum furnace is under $5400.

For an accurate vacuum furnace price, please contact us. We will give you a detailed quotation with full technical specifications.

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