How to update the dental furnace touch screen firmware

Dental furnace t-bright

We use the touch screen as the dental furnace’s control, easy to operate, can store 30 different programs. Sometimes, the firmware of the touch screen needs to be updated, the tutorial as follows:

How to update the touch screen firmware

  1. Remove the screws on both sides of the furnace body, then open the cover.

dental furance update touch screen firmware

2. Find the USB port at the back of the touch screen.

dental furance update touch screen firmware USB

3. Find a USB flash drive (capacity:8G or less), copy the latest firmware into the root directory, then insert the USB flash drive.

4. Update:

  • The new type of touch screen: it will be updated automatically.
  • The old type of touch screen: you need to long press the upper right corner of the touch screen, and a dialog box will automatically pop up, then click the “copy” button to update.

If needed, you can contact us for the latest firmware.

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