How To Set Up a PID Temperature Controller

How To Set Up a PID Temperature Controller

Many customers ask how to set up a PID temperature controller for their furnaces. The following is an example of setting a PID temperature control program with a 6-segment profile, hope this can help you. If you prefer to video tutorial, please find it at the end of this article.

For a complicated temperature control profile, we strongly suggest you make the drawing as Fig.1 then make a form as table 1 to list all data in every segment.


how to set up a pid temperature controller
Fig. 1 is the temperature profile that we would like to set.


According to this profile, you shall list all segments in the following Table

Segment # Symbol in Panel Data to be In-put Meaning in the program
1C 010 (℃)Initial Temperature
2t 0130 (min.)Ramping time from 0 – 300℃

Average Heating rate is 10℃ /min

3C 02300 (℃)Target temperature value to first

heating stage ( 300℃ )

4t 0210 (min.)Soaring time at 300 oC stage
5C 03300 (℃)Temperature value at the heating flat
6t 03130 (min.)Second Heating time from 300 -1600℃

The average heating rate is 10℃ /min

7C 041600 (℃)Target temperature value to peak

heating stage ( 1600℃ )

8t 0430 (min.)Soaring time at 1600 oC stage
9C 051600 (℃)Temperature value at peak heating flat
10t 05100 (min.)Cooling time to 500℃

The cooling rate is 11℃ /min

11C 06500 (℃)Target temperature to be cooled ( 500℃)
12t 06-121Program end, Out-put power off. Furnace

cooling down naturally

(t 06 = -121 is an order to stop running.


Using 4 keys of how to program a pid temp controller to enter data listed in the above table into the controller separately, then, you finish one temperature control program finish Please be noted that “ t xx “ is the time value for the XX segment. It can be set from 1- 9999 minutes. However, if “t xx “is set as the following values, it can be as a special order. These orders only can be used in complicated multi-temperature profile programs.

If txx = 0: Controller will be paused at xx segment (Hold)

If txx = (1-150) Negative value is a control order, which lets the program stop running, or jump to another segment.

If txx = (Ax30+B) , here B values is 1- 30. This indicates program will jump to the segment at B value

When A=0, only execute the segment jump function.

When A=1, the program will cut off power delay

When A=4, B=1, Program will execute a “stop “order


How To Set Up a PID Temperature Controller

If you have further questions about PID temperature controller setting , please feel free to contact us.

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